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Special Access

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The Special Access program provides social services to the elders by exposing them to the mainstream  programs for their qualified services. 

    It is provided by funding from the Trellis organization. Through this program, seniors over the age of 60 experiencing language and cultural barriers are given access to various social services from the government and are thus supported in their ability to live independently. 


    Tai Chi and the Walk with Ease are evidence based programs funded by MN Department of Health and Trellis organization.  These programs are to promote the effective management of arthritis as well as prevention of falls among our senior population. These programs not only contribute to bettering the physical health of the seniors, but also serve as a means to effectively promote the reduction of stress and depressive symptoms in their lives.


  • Welfare / Medical Assistance / Government assistance / Housing applications

  • Applications for citizenship, renewal of permanent residency status

  • Interpretation and translation services

  • Cultural events (i.e., for Korean holidays, Parents’ Day, etc.)

  • Offerings of activities and programs such as Tai Chi & Walk with Ease

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