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Live Well at Home 



Escort/Transportation Program

*Award-Winning Service​​

About the Program

The Escort & Transportation Program provides safe and customized transportation for Korean/Chinese elders to go to their medical appointments / visit for social services. 

• 60 Korean / Chinese Elders Registered 

• Bilingual Drivers 

• Administering a Doctor’s Appointment and Setting Up the Ride Schedule 

• Customized Pick Up and Ride Times 

• Transportation for Social Services (ID Renewal, Housing, Social Security) 

• 1:1 Service with Walkers, Wheelchairs, and Canes (No Wheelchair Access)


24 Hour Bedside Care at Home 


To prevent admission of rehabilitation centers at the time of discharge after surgery or other long-term health conditions. 

• Coming home after surgery 

• Saving tax dollars vs. nursing home care. 

• Target: 80 Korean older adults in the CedarRiverside area and some others in the Greater Twin Cities. 

• The 24-hour bedside care staff will follow the doctor's instruction and they will perform duties under the supervision of our on-site Registered Nurse.


Contact Jiun Kim

Live Well At Home Program Manager

612-272-9752  |

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