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The Korean Service Center is dedicated to providing supportive resources and services to Koreans and other immigrant-Americans while striving to promote their rich cultural heritage for all international people.



The Korean Service Center (KSC) has been established to operate exclusively for charitable purposes including but not limited to:


  • Support Services: To provide a full array of social services to Korean immigrants to help them maintain a full and happy life.


  • Adjustment: To assist Koreans and other immigrants in the Minnesota area with adjusting to a new language and culture by educating and helping them to understand, protect, and advocate for their privileges and rights as residents and citizens of the United States.


  • Wellness: To promote mental wellness, physical well-being, and self-sufficiency by providing a variety of social, recreational and cultural programs.


  • Advocacy: To advocate for and protect the rights of Korean immigrants.


  • Community Education: To promote cultural sensitivity and awareness to mainstream communities to help them better understand Korean immigrants and the community.

Highlights of Thirty Years

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