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Covid-19 Community Coordinators


Korean Service Center has been funded by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) to implement the CCC project (Covid19 Community Coordinators) from 2022 to 2024. CCCs are community-based organizations that connect Minnesota’s diverse communities to COVID testing, vaccination, and other resources. It is essential to draw on community strengths and trusted community networks to respond effectively to COVID-19 and longstanding health inequities made worse by the pandemic. Korean Service Center as COVID-19 Community Coordinator (CCC) works to provide Covid19 information, host COVID-19 vaccine events twice a month, and distribute Test Kits and various mental health support programs for Korean Community. You can also consult the COVID-19-related difficulties through the KSC COVID-19 Hotline (952-378-6783).


• Free Covid 19 Vaccine(twice a month)+ $50 Gift Card

• Distribution Covid 19 self-test kits

• Workshops and Mental Health programs

• KSC Covid 19 Hotline (952-378-6783)


To learn more: Sojoung Cho( ) , Hyunsoo Lee (

Covid19 Vaccine Reservation

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