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Bright Minds, Healthy Kids (GEER2)

Bright Minds, Healthy Kids
Features Booklets by Sun Yung Shin

Bright Minds, Healthy Kids is our newest program. Funded by the Governor's Early Education Relief (GEER2), our program aims to support the successful educational, mental and emotional development for children of Korean heritage under the age of 8. Our program activities are designed to provide education, information as well as the supportive connections, such as cultural assistance between the Korean-American Community and the educational and healthcare institutions. We work closely with families, schools and healthcare staff to facilitate the cultural framework for effective communication between families and institutions to support the optimum environment for the development of all our children.


Some of the services we offer include:


  • Cultural Consultation & Sensitivity Training

  • Referrals to the Appropriate Professionals.

  • Facilitating Support, Resources and Information for Parents, Public/Social Services, Healthcare, Teachers, and Administrators.

  • Creating Community Connections between all stakeholders involved in the well-being, the education, and the healthy emotional & mental development of children.




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